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Hair Removal and Signature Treatments

A common question I receive is regarding hair removal when doing a signature treatment. At Pronoia we do not recommend hair removal the day of treatment. As a matter of fact we request you wait at least four days prior to or post treatment to do any form of hair removal.

Why can't I remove hair day of treatment?

There are a number of reason why both hair removal and the signature treatments cannot be preformed on the same day.

The Pronoia Signature treatments all include steam and exfoliation, therefor exposing new skin and opening pores; while waxing is performed with hot wax and also does lift a layer of dead skin. If done together you run chances of the skin burning, tearing or leaving the skin susceptible to bacteria and infection. This is why we recommend at least four days between hair removal and treatments.

Should I remove hair before or after treatment?

Hair removal is always optional, however as mentioned it must never be performed day of treatment. You may remove hair a minimum of four days prior to or post treatment. Although the choice is yours as far as removing hair before or after, I often recommend to remove hair post treatment. Why? Well the treatments generally remove ingrown hairs, blackheads, soothes any inflammation, and helps even skin tone, therefor waxing post treatment would leave you with a cleaner result after waxing.

How you can book a service or treatment:

  1. Either through WhatsApp (954)707-9376

  2. or through our online booking which you can find on our services page. I'm sure we will be able to accommodate you.


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